DVB-S2 IRD CW-4142.2

Product Details

Professional DVB-S2/S2X Integrated Receiver Decoder with Common Interface, h262/h264 decoder, ASI, and IP outputs.

Main features:

✔ Two ASI outputs
✔ MPTS or SPTS IP Output
✔ Common Interface
✔ HDMI, HD-SDI, SDI, CVBS (PAL, SECAM, NTSC), YPrPb video outputs
✔ RCA (asymmetrical), XLR (symmetrical) audio outputs
✔ Separated management port, HTML5 based web interface
✔ Low power consumption, high reliability
✔ Available also for 24 V and 48 V

Available version:

CW-4142.2 1xDVB-S2 tuner, CI, ASI, and IP output (MPTS-SPTS), h262/h264 decoder


AAC option

DVB-S2X option