Personal Stream Tool - RELOADED

Personal Stream Tool - RELOADED

PST 2.0, the completely renewed WEB GUI has been released. It can be downloaded from our website for free.


Only the GUI needs to be updated, however, it is recommended to upgrade the GEC2 firmware as well to 1.24 what can be downloaded from here. The actual version of the firmware can be checked in the Device menu / Home - Diagnostic menu on the Standard GUI (Expert Mode). The firmware version shows the GEC2's version while the software version shows the GUI's version.

The update process is the following:

1. Select Expert View mode on the start page. If the device starts in TS Explorer mode, click Standard GUI to display the Expert View mode.

2. In the Device menu, select the Software Upgrade submenu.

3. To update the interface, select the downloaded PST WEB GUI fup file by clicking the Browse button in the Web-based GUI and Hardware Software Upgrade window.

4. Press the Start Software Upgrade button and wait for the update process.

5. When finished, refresh the page.



It is important to note that backups created so far may not be compatible with the new interface in some cases. It is recommended to set the device to default settings by clicking the Device/Reset - Factory Defaults menu after the upgrade.