Video Mosaic Software for Personal Stream Tool

We would like to inform our clients that we released a 16-Channel Video Mosaic Software.


The possibilities of the web technology are quite limited therefore we took advantage of the opportunity that

Personal Stream Tools can also be managed by external platforms. The 16-Channel Video Mosaic is a

Windows software which is able to control up to 16 PSTs simultaneously.

The recommended screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. Otherwise, the whole user interface can't be


The software divides the 1920×1080 pixel screen into 4×4 equal rectangles to display 16 thumbnails. Each

thumbnail shows the options of a so-called Test Node which can be adjusted individually. Each Test Node

provides information about the transport stream parameters such as data rates, various errors, and deeply

analyzes the video and audio elementary streams. Additionally, it displays thumbnail images of H.262, H.264,

and H.265 videos.

The Video Mosaic software is designed to monitor signal processing systems but it is also perfect for

advertising purposes.


Download the SW-6100 Video Mosaic software.

Download the upgrade for Personal Stream Tool (needed for Video Mosaic).

Download the user manual of SW-6100.