TS Explorer module in 1.11 PST firmware

The latest software upgrade is available now for the Personal Stream Tool (PST) device. This update (v1.11) contains the TS Explorer module which can analyze a transport stream in details, with different tests running at the same time, and the results are shown on one display.


The WEB GUI fup file has to be uploaded (PST WEB GUI 1.11) and the Gigabit Ethernet Controller firmware version has to be 1.22 or higher.

Steps for the upgrade are as follows:

1, Select the Expert View mode on the Start Page of the device.

2, Select the Software Upgrade menu item in the Device menu.

3, Press the Browse button at the orange coloured "Web-Based Software Upgrade" window and select the pst-web-v1-11.fup file and click on the Software Upgrade button.

4, Refresh the web page.


The interface of the PST will start with the [TS Explorer] module by default. If you want to go back to the [Expert View] view, you have to click on the Standard GUI menu, and the [Expert View] start page will appear. You can go back to the [TS Explorer] mode by choosing the [TS Explorer] menu in the [Stream Tools] menu.


You can set the default start mode in [Expert View]/[Device]/[Project Settings] menu. You have to save the setup with the [Write Backup File into Device] button too.


In some cases, the previously saved backup files and settings will not be compatible with this new GUI!