About Us

CableWorld Ltd. started its activity in 1992 with developing and manufacturing professional analogue cable TV headends and systems. For the present several hundred analogue CableWorld headends are working in Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania and other countries; the larger ones supplying 65-70 TV channels to 100-150 thousand subscribers.

Having realized the potential of digital technology, CableWorld started developing devices for digital television as early as the end of the '90-ies. The goal was creating a unique solution, which permits to actively involve other companies of similar scope of activity in common developing and system building. The result of these developing efforts is a digital product family being controlled and managed by CW-Net, to provide solution to all tasks of digital television technology.

The essence of the system developed by CableWorld Ltd.:

  • Using programmable logical circuitries for processing the signals.
  • The data streams will be built in Ethernet packets to be the transmitted to the computer in IP environment.
  • The device control occurs using IP protocol.
  • Computer is only applied in the course of programming the devices and evaluating the signals.

The system is an open system, that is, becoming acquainted with the design and programming of the devices is open for anyone, the necessary information is available at this web page. CableWorld Ltd. designs the software for its devices under Windows, and this software is available free of charge. Based on this software, those working in Linux or other environment can prepare their own control software and can design new or expanded/upgraded applications. In its solutions CableWorld merges digital television technology and IP technology, thus remote control and computer monitoring of the devices, also over internet, can easily be adapted to other manufacturers’ systems and the devices provide numerous additional facilities (e.g. TS analyzer function, ASI-IP conversion etc.), which are quite new on the market.

Beyond its customers in Hungary, such as UPC, T-COM, FiberNet, Antenna Hungaria, Philips, ORTT National Radio and Television Commission and others, CableWorld delivers digital television equipment to more than 20 countries in and outside Europe. Beyond its standard product range CableWorld flexibly fulfils particular customer demands and is ready to design and deliver special versions or specific devices. Devices can be delivered also on ODM and OEM basis, and the universally usable subassemblies can be delivered also separately. The latest developments e.g. the Gigabit circuitries are already being designed taking into account the aspects of the cooperating partners.

For doing our best in serving the customers, we run a shop, where the users can take in hand the devices, familiarize themselves with them, can get technical information on them, and they can buy devices or collect the equipment assemblies they ordered earlier. For advices in system planning and for issue quotations our sales engineers are at the customers’ disposal. For the application of our products and for building systems of them we provide high-level technical support: our information basis is at anyone’s disposal through this web site, where software, product data sheets and manuals as well as numerous descriptions and technical articles are available.

In order to keep our customers continuously informed we publish and post to more than 300 addresses three times a year our free technical magazine, ‘CableWorld Hírek’ (CableWorld News), which deals with the actual issues of television technology in form of articles and studies, and brings also surveys of CableWorld’s new products. The latest ‘CableWorld Hírek’ and all the back numbers are available at our web site, too. We hold advanced training courses with workshops on digital television systems, providing the knowledge necessary to install and operate digital devices. The courses have aroused a lot of interest and have made a considerable contribution to spreading digital television technology.

Since 1997 CableWorld Ltd. has worked in the ISO 9001 quality management system, and according to its adopted motto CableWorld strives for being its customers’ reliable partner.

ISO Audit certification