IP to ASI Converter QUAD CW-4944

ASI to IP Converter QUAD front

Product Details

The CW-4944 IP to ASI Converter comprises four such „IP receivers”, thus it is capable to produce four ASI data streams out of the UDP packets arriving over the gigabit Ethernet network. The four receivers can be configured independently of each other to both unicast and multicast reception; the applied Gigabit Ethernet Controller handles the multicast network at level-2 specification. For generating the output ASI stream packet clip, null packet remover, false packet remover, NCO and null packet inserter functions are available to the user. The receivers can be programmed for continuous, burst and transparent transmission.

Main features:
•  Unicast and multicast operation mode with wide configuration facilities
•  Multicast network handling at level-2
•  Continuous, burst format and transparent transmission, PCR corrector
•  IPv4 protocol, prepared for IPv6, free programmable IP address
•  SNMP remote control facility

Ordering data:
CW-4944 IP to ASI Converter 4 TS converter from Gigabit Ethernet network to ASI with multicast handling