Multi-Channel Stream Analyzer with PC (Preliminary) CW-6321

Multi-Channel Stream Analyzer front
Multi-Channel Stream Analyzer frontMulti-Channel Stream Analyzer back

Product Details

The Multi-Channel Stream Analyzer with PC is a professional monitoring device for digital television headend. It can analyze your streams, it can use Personal Stream Tool as a probe in your network and it can send you alarm is case of any error detected in your system. 

The device is under development...

CW-6321 Multi-Channel Stream Analyzer with PC (rack version of Personal Stream Tool with built in PC)

DVB-T-T2-C input

DVB-S-S2 input

64 IP Input

64 IP Output

ASI Input

ASI Output

19" 1RU frame

E-ink display

Built in Computer

Separated MGM port, web based HTML5 GUI