CW-4856 Multiformat TS Remultiplex fronter

Product Details

TS Remultiplexer with 3 ASI + 3 IP inputs and ASI + IP output 


✔ 3 × ASI and 3 × IP inputs with multicast and unicast connection, in 10-, 100-, and 1000Base-T mode
✔  One remultiplexer with double ASI output
✔  128 Mbit SDRAM and 12 PSI Inserters with a total of 32 MBytes storage
✔  Statistical PCR corrector for all PID values
✔  Automatic and manual Service Identifier and PID handling (PID Remapping)
✔  Logically and physically separated IP inputs and device control connection
✔  SNMP remote control facility
✔  Low power consumption (typically 35 W), high reliability, long life time

Ordering data:
CW-4856  Multiformat TS Remultiplexer