New module for Personal Stream Tool: TS EXPLORER

TS Explorer is a new software modul for Personal Stream Tool which can analyze a transport stream in details, with different tests running at the same time, and the results are shown on one display. When entering the menu, you can choose which input you want to use from the four available (IP, ASI, DVB-T-T2-C, DVB-S-S2). Starting the test, the software starts drawing the input data speed, the graph of the amount of the IP Jitter (only in case of IP input signal) and the null packets. In the centre of the display, you can see the data speed of PIDs in the TS, and the number of errors since the start of the test. During the test of the video content, a thumbnail picture appears on the right side of the screen.

Personal Stream Tool portable versions...

...and rack version.



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