19-inch Professional DVB-S2X Satellite Receiver

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CableWorld’s next generation DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X Receivers use cutting edge silicon tuners. The receivers are available in several versions to meet user demand. The fully equipped 19–inch rack device contains six tuners and four CI slots (Conditional Access Module receivers). The CI slots are available only for the first four tuners, the fifth and sixth ones are reserved for the free-to-air programs.

Null packets, scrambled packets or even selected PIDs can be filtered in order to reduce the data rate of the outgoing stream. VLAN tag can be added to any outgoing stream.

There are two ways to open encrypted programs: a complete service can be selected and all the elementary streams will be opened or only desired elementary streams can be selected and will be opened. It can save the resources of the CAM module.

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There are a plenty of possibilities how to set the output of the DVB-S2X Receiver

IPTV immediately...

The device is capable of sending Multi Program Transport Stream (MPTS) or Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS). In case of SPTS streaming, EIT (Electronic Program Guide) and/or TOT/TDT (Time and Date) tables can be inserted into one outgoing SPTS stream for each tuner. It may be useful when providing IPTV services.

The results of the hardware-based architecture are the low power consumption, the reliable continuous operation and the long lifespan.

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